Do you know what you're up to?

Change! Do you recognize yourself in the following situations? If so, you're ready for a change. Be the architect of your own destiny and keep in control.

  • You are more than 10 years with one employer; in itself a great achievement but be aware of the fact that a prospective employer attaches great importance to knowledge gained in different positions or companies.
  • You're very good at your job; fantastic, this is a sign of your qualities but make sure you continue to develop yourself by learning new skills.
  • You have just successfully completed a major project or assignment; This is an excellent opportunity both to change employer and the on other hand to gain new experiences. This keeps you in control of your future.
  • Your goals do not longer correspond to those of the company; times change. A new strategy, a change in policy or other developments ensure that you and your company are no longer in alignmen
  • Your skills are undervalued and not estimated to your tru value; new management and other ideas can sometimes lead to other insights. You are convinced of your success but not listened to.
  • You are happy and sitting comfortably on your position; This is often the most underrated situation. Yes, everything is going well but in many cases people leave their company from discontent. In such a situation many people want (or are forced) to accept a lesser position. Satisfaction is certainly good but keep your options open and avoid surprises.

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