Who are we?

Scopeworks is an international search and advice bureau which focuses on executive search, interim management and consulting in the ICT and Internet of Things (IoT) space. Our office is located in the Netherlands, from where we offer our services worldwide.


For executive search Scopework focuses on finding senior managers (directors) for our clients, who will hold key positions. Our employees and partners have gained many years of experience as (senior) managers with large multinationals. Not only have we gained an extensive network, it has enabled us to understand your organisation and company culture. Scopeworks guarantees finding the right candidate for your company.


The demand for interim management is growing every year. This is due to the current economic climate. Organisations are required to achieve better results whilst keeping costs at a minimum. This often involves investment risks and Scopeworks will be glad to assist you in these situations. By sharing the knowledge we have gained in practise with our clients, we are able to contribute to achieving a higher level of profitability and efficiency.


Consulting is broadly defined. The market is flooded with consultancy agencies, and it is often quite difficult to find the agency you need. Also finding a consultant is often personal, which is where Scopework comes in. We have been working with experienced partners for many years and are therefore able to always select a good match for you.

Consulting is for organisations that are (suddenly) confronted with an issue. For example:


  • The lack of result in relation to the commercial strategy
  • Insufficient power of performance of sales and marketing
  • The current sales methods and tools are not effective (anymore)
  • The lack of a CRM system or the incorrect use thereof
  • Insufficient communication between sales and marketing
  • Insufficient structure in (sales) processes
  • Having difficulty innovating
  • Sudden growth of the organisation
  • International expansion
  • Strategic staff planning

An organisation will seek a party who will be able to provide a swift and adequate answer to deal with their particular challenge. The extensive experience of Scopeworks enables us to provide an analysis, strategy and effective implementation in the short term in order to provide a solution for the long term. For consulting to work we have learned that there must be a good chemistry between the client and the contractor, which is based on knowledge, experience, passion and trust. This is why Scopeworks suggests that both parties carefully investigate the mutual possibilities before working together.

Please contact Scopeworks for further information or to plan your appointment.